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Taylor Counterbalance Forklift

Taylor Counterbalance Forklift

Getting Aboard the Lift truck
Amongst the keys to maintaining operator safety is the 3-point dismount. Even though this is usually overlooked, it is a major problem in maintaining operator safety. Like for instance, several years ago, at a lift truck rally, a participator perfectly executed the course at a forklift rally. At the end of his run, he was so excited, that he jumped off of his equipment and totally forgot to make a 3-point dismount. The judges ended up docking marks from his overall score and he didn't win the competition.

The importance of mounting and dismounting forklifts is a very serious thing to be covered in training. In addition, having operators wear their seatbelts can really save their lives in the event of a tip-over. It is essential to know that if a loaded forklift's center of gravity moves outside of the stability triangle then a tip-over situation could occur. Skilled drivers rarely ever run into a tip-over situation, however, it is extremely vital that they are ready for that possibility in case it occurs.

Mounting and dismounting of forklifts is vital for ensuring the operator stays safe. This is also important even on low platform pallet jacks. There are way too many injuries sustained from utilizing these equipment. Some of the serious situations comprise: Operator's catching their loose clothing or coveralls while dismounting and can end up falling and wrenching their back. Sometimes, the operator could break or sprain an ankle when they step off of a forklift. The driver could break an arm accidentally when falling and slipping off of the pallet jack. The driver could suffer from torn shoulder muscles if they slip on floor debris when they are still hanging onto the handhold with one hand.

Having 3 points of contact is vital when mounting or dismounting a lift truck so as to keep you safe. The 3 points can be obtained by 1 foot and 2 hands or by 1 hand and 2 feet. This stance is precisely like climbing down or up a ladder. Remember to face the equipment at all times. Drivers usually tend to jump or hop off the machinery or to face away from the equipment and these mistakes greatly reduce the overall risk being hurt.

For lots of businesses, Taylors counterbalance forklifts offer a great solution. They could withstand a variety of environments and conditions and are extremely durable. They are made to last and dependable.

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